"Art is a wonderful vehicle for bringing people together through conversation, sharing, and hence connecting. Humanity is about being connected" says Remington.

After 15 years of passionately creating images as an amateur, Remington formally began his career as a fine art photographer in 2006. He is a member of Dallas Professional Photographers' Association (DPPA), and in 2009 won Best New Artist in the Dallas Observer. One Arts Plaza and Philippe Starck's The House currently exhibit his work, and on two occasions Neiman Marcus has hosted Remington as their featured artist.

In a relatively brief amount of time, some of Dallas' major galleries such as Craighead Green Gallery have recognized Remington's photography: "The innate ability to identify and bring forth beautiful objects and compositions from within an otherwise typical scene are unique to the talented photographer, truly a gift not given to each of us, but enjoyed by all. Such extraordinary talent is evident within the exceptional photography of Alex Remington." Kenneth Craighead, Owner of Craighead-Green Gallery

Humanity is his biggest passion. Humanitarian portraiture constitutes a large portion of his work. Design Within Reach hosted a show of Remington's images on homelessness and its social impact in 2009. The premise of the show was to reveal that human beings tend to value things more than each other in a society that honors financial success as a key to happiness.

Born in Boston, MA in 1972, Remington runs his own studio where he meets with art collectors one-one-one. Prior to being an artist, he was in commercial real estate and redevelopment for 5 years after having earned a business degree from Southern Methodist University in 1994.

His dream for many years was to be a creator. Now he creates art on a full-time basis, not just to satisfy collectors who are looking for an edgy piece of art, but to have an impact on the way people see others, and more importantly, how they perceive themselves. “One’s growth begins within, and introspection and self-growth stem from a solid grasp of who you are and what you believe to be true in the world.”

To contact Alex Remington, you can email him directly at alex@alexremington.com.

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