“The innate ability to identify and bring forth beautiful objects and compositions from within an otherwise typical scene are unique to the talented photographer, truly a gift not given to each of us, but enjoyed by all. Such extraordinary talent is evident within the exceptional photography of Alex Remington.” Kenneth Craighead, Owner of Craighead Green Gallery
"Alex Remington always enters into his endeavors with an inquiring mind, soulful energy, and a twist of excitement and humor. His creativity and talent always rise to thrilling heights. His venture into photography art during recent years demonstrates his excellence plus his ability to please and tease the eye." P.D. Upchurch, Revitalization + Management Consultant | Photographer
"I had the pleasure to attend Alex Remington's photography show and was quite taken with his talent. His technique is quite difficult to comprehend as it evokes images that could be explained as almost "dream like" and somewhat esoteric, quite unusual and almost surreal. His "focus" is what he sees as the important element of the composition and, therefore, the key to the art. I look forward to his future works." Colby L. McWilliams, Fashion Director | Neiman Marcus
"Alex's work is powerful, brilliant in color, and thought-provoking...a seamless blend of reality and fantasy."
Bryan Wetz, Owner, Rising Gallery. Studio Wetz, llc | Interior Designer/owner
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